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** Please feel free to contact us about any inquiries you may have. We would absolutely love to hear and/or meet with you! **


PRIVACY NOTE: Your photos and videos will remain confidential. We are required by law to obtain written signatures and acknowledgments for model release of any photos and videos before they are posted for any reason — we do not require any such signatures at this stage, and therefore, rest assured, that whatever you submit with your application will NEVER be used for ANYTHING outside of simple consideration for modeling.

VIDEO and PHOTO: optional (Please upload any Videos and/or Photos of yourself with our "Contact Us" Form below)


    Make your video and photos any way you’d like! Get creative! Show your stuff and be sexy about it. Ultimately, you want to “tease” your audience and turn them on. How you do that is up to you. Make sure that, at a minimum, you show your face so we know it’s you, and that you get fully naked and turned on. If you have any questions about what to do in your video, ask us!


   You’ll need to have a device that can capture digital videos and photos—this could be a camcorder, digital camera, or even your cell phone! You copy the videos and/or photos to your computer, and then you can upload them as-is. If you video is more than 15 megabytes (MB), then you will want to email us first and we will let you know an alternate way to send your large file to us.

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