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 5 Myths That Are Killing Your Chances of Having Anal Sex:

There is a lot of mystique around anal sex. Sopme people will see it as the ultimate sexual experience while others are utterly disdainful of it. The thing about anal sex is that it’s just another type of sex and like blow jobs or vaginal sex, it has its own set of rules that need to be adhered to for you to have a good time. There are rules that are so important for anal sex that they might as well be considered set in stone, but let’s get rid of some of the misconceptions that surround anal sex. If you want to try having anal sex with your affair partners, make sure you try these suggestions first.

1) Anal sex is the best way to spice up your sex life. Some affair partners will like it and some affair partners won’t, that’s the bottom line. While with certain people it might work wonders, there are definitely going to be people you try to have anal sex with who just don’t enjoy the feeling of it. Keep in mind that suggestions to spice up your sex life are just that, suggestions, and that there is no hard and fast rule that works 100% of the time.

2) Anal sex is painful. 
The truth about anal sex is that it doesn’t have to hurt. Just like vaginal sex doesn’t have to hurt and be uncomfortable, neither does anal sex. You just need to make sure that one, you’re going slow and two, you’re using lots of lube. Since most people don’t have as much practice in anal sex as they would in vaginal sex, you want to make sure that you’re giving your affair partners plenty of time to get used to it.

3) Men don’t like to have anal sex where they’re the ones taking it. 
Have you ever heard of pegging? We would suggest that you look it up. Not all men will loved being the recipient of anal sex, but there are some who would and you shouldn’t shut it out as a possibility. An open mind is essential to anal sex with your affair partner.

4) Anal sex is something that good girls don’t do. 
There is definitely a taboo about anal sex, but that’s starting to erode as people get more used to the idea. It’s pretty common for people to want to try anal sex even if not many people have actually done it. As stated before, keeping an open mind with your affair partner about anal sex will be helpful to you in the long run, even if you do not end up having anal sex.

5) Anal sex is going to mess up your body. 
Any sex that you don’t do correctly is going to cause you damage. There are precautions and considerations that are present in every form of sex that you can have. Read up on anal sex before you try it and start slowly so that you can have a good idea of what works for you and your affair partner. 

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